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[ Professional Services ]

Civil Engineering Services
With the goal of having each design remain problem-free throughout the life of the project and beyond, our engineers strive to prepare the most efficient and economical designs.

Land Use Planning
Utilizing a team of intergrated engineering, planning and surveying professionals, we review the development potential and constraints of every site in order to prepare creative, cost-effective plans and development strategies.

Land Surveying Services
Equipped with years of experience and the latest technology, our surveying staff is prepared to do your survey accurately and quickly. CDG will provide any type of land survey service you need, or will coordinate other specific services you require with other industry professionals.

Site Design Services
Our professional staff creates innovative and functional site designs for quality living and working spaces.

Project Permitting Services
Our planning staff knows how to move development projects quickly and successfully through both the governmental maze and the public review process.

Project Management Services
Proficient project management is the key to a successful land development project. We have top-notch principal-level staff whose full time job is project management. That means their complete attention is given to the client service - a key difference between CDG and other firms.

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